Corsi Guitars offers professional stringed instrument repair with a focus on acoustic and electric guitars. We also offer event production services through our Corsi Concerts service where we continue our mission of empowering our local singer-songwriters, as well, as d.i.y musician workshop and classes for those interested in music artist development.



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instrument repair

We offer professional stringed instrument repair with fair rates, quick turnaround, and great customer service. If we can't fix it, we will help you find someone who can. We are here to guide you through the process. No job is too small, and no question too foolish. Our craft includes anything from standard guitar setups to D.I.Y. guitar kit assembly, crack repair, fretwork, pickup installation, routing, mods, and more. For those wanting to learn the craft of guitar repair, check out our Corsi Blog where you will get tips and tricks from the repair shop under the Resources tab.


Corsi concerts

Corsi Concerts is our event production service where we take care of your events from top to bottom. We book the talent, we organize & coordinate, we bring the necessary production equipment such as lighting, speakers, props and more! We have an event for every budget and prefer to work in the singer-songwrtier genre for more intimate concerts for attendees looking for a deep connection and intimate live music setting. We always work in collaboration with alternative & traditional venues. This keeps us accountable for doing the best job we can for you, the artist we work with us and our company. For the musician, we offer talent booking opportunities and artist development through our Music Artist Network & D.I.Y Musician Workshops. Find out more under the Resources Tab.



We have been working in the Rio Grande Valley music scene for over fifteen years driven to grow hobbyist, open mikers, and rising singer-songwriters into professional music artists. We are the founders of the RGV’s first listening room, songwriters club, independent music artist development course through The Prelude Songwriters Club & Corsi Guitars and we have been running professional sound reinforcement on every stage from cozy coffee shop to rockin’ theatre and convention center. We are singer-songwriters ourselves touring the country and doing what we can to enhance our growing and powerful music community.