Artist Unbounded


what is artist unbounded?

Artist Unbounded is a completely independent music artist program created by two independent music artists.

Angel Corsi is Co-Owner and Operator of Corsi Guitars and has also been a solo singer-songwriter for over two decades. He has studied stage performance, songwriting and lyric writing in Los Angeles and Berklee Online programs as well as other independent songwriting schools. He is the creator of “Songwriter Breakthrough,” an accelerated learning workshop series for the solo performing artist, and he has spent the last decade in the Rio Grande Valley supporting and creating opportunities for d.i.y. musicians and songwriters through municipal events, art walks, a concert sound reinforcement company, a co-created music venue, pop-up open mics, and a free monthly musician workshop through Corsi Guitars. Angel has touring experience with band, solo, and multi-performer tour packages and stage management.

The second music artist is another veteran in touring: recording music artist Eddie Saenz. Eddie not only exceeds Angel in touring and working as a solo music artist in the industry, but he also studied at Belmont University in Nashville, earning a degree in Commercial Music with an Emphasis in Songwriting. While Eddie is a multi-instrumentalist, his primary instrument of study at Belmont was voice. He has spent years helping students hone their voice and expand their range through attainable and focused goals set at Musicademy (McAllen, TX), an independent voice and music school. Eddie currently has three independently released albums. He is a long-time volunteer for music community outreach events and is a supporter of singer-songwriters and original music creators from across the Rio Grande Valley.

Angel & Eddie are proud to introduce you to this program, which will guide you through the process of inspiring, expanding and enhancing your craft! You will learn everything you can in this accelerated-learning program with a focus on helping you find your specific voice, sound, and image. Unlock your creativity with tried-and-true techniques in a warm, supportive, and inviting environment. Grow to be the artist you were meant to be. Enroll now in Artist Unbounded.

“Grow to become the artist you were meant to be.”

Artist Unbounded Breakdown:

  • 16 weeks

  • 3 hour length per class

  • Once a week unless otherwise indicated.

  • $40/bi-weekly payment required. ( $30 bi/weekly if you sign up to the d.i.y. musician newsletter).

  • Each class will cover all the topics mentioned in graphic above.