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Interested in performing at one of our events? We are always searching for new talent for performance opportunities and you can help us find you by reaching out to us! Join our music artist network by filling out the form below, we promise to check out every artist that does their diligence. We cannot guarantee any bookings, but if we think you are a good fit for one of our many events we won’t hesitate to reach out to you! Please be patient as we want to give each artist as much attention as possible as we review each request.


Remember we are a primarily a company that focuses on events specific to the singer-songwriter genre, but we do all kinds of events so don’t be shy! We are the creators of the first “listening room”, “house concert”, songwriters club, & have focused on solo acoustic shows for over fifteen years, that is our specialty, so we prefer to work in our personal expertise. Also, remember to not take things personally, nobody is stopping your hustle! Keep working and feel free to send new requests as you and we continue to grow!


  • At least have 1 hr of original songs

  • Album/single released in the last 5 years

  • Official artist website (bandcamp, reverbnation, bandzoogle etc. minimum.)

  • YouTube or other shareable online performance videos.

  • High resolution promo photos (for advertising.)

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