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  • At least 1 hr of original songs

  • Album/single released in the last 4 years

  • Merchandise to sell (CDs,shirts, stickers etc.)

  • Official artist website

  • YouTube or other shareable online performance videos.

  • High resolution promo photos (for advertising.)

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We are a very special small listening room in a small town in south Texas. We are in an economy that is unique to the rest of the country, and most of our shows average about $5.00 - $10.00 ticket prices. The community has been extremely generous to most of the touring singer-songwriters that have passed through our doors and performed on our cozy little stage. The merch sales for artists are usually around $50- $150 conservatively. We spend on advertising, food and drinks, though our listening room is also supported by local businesses and community members via our optional potluck. We do not have a bar or concession, and we do not make any other money to cover the costs noted above other than the door. With all that said, we host these house-concert-style shows in our shop for the joy and love of music and our music community. We have been supporting singer-songwriters for years and continue to make it our mission to keep our local community inspired with high quality showcases featuring artists from across the country. It is with this information that we humbly ask you look over the deal below to see if it suits you before filling out the form above. We would be honored to have you on our stage, but as touring singer-songwriters ourselves we understand that not all deals are the right deal for you. We do, however, try to respect your time and talent by offering the best deal we can in your favor at this time. Thanks for being thorough and reading ‘til the end!

  • Paid hotel 1 night stay (touring artists only)

  • No guarantee available at this time

  • 70/30 percent door split in favor of artist

  • 55 seating capacity

  • If 20 tickets are NOT sold by 2 weeks before show date, date is rescheduled or cancelled.

  • We have the right to terminate show dates for any reason in the 2 weeks bracket.

  • All shows include paid advertising by us (amount is by our own discretion.)

  • Merch space provided, as well as merch sale processing (if needed)

  • Live recording of show at artist’s request

  • 1 video performance we use for our YouTube channel (if videographer available)

  • Free instrument repair (limited to one instrument, does not have to be instrument the artist is using night of the show). Repair value must be determined to be $90 or below.

Additional Questions? Call us: (956) 335 - 5173.