Take the stage…

and become part of the RGV Live Performance Scene! Our mission is to put the spotlight on your art. We will bring you pop up open mics to coffee houses across the Rio Grande Valley with our professional production and professional hosts that will guide or support you through your first or thousandth performance!


Girl of All Trades | Harlingen,TX | 102 W. Jackson Ave.

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  • Ages 15+

  • Set length for musicians - 15mins

  • Set length for spoken word/other - 8mins

  • All Ages event, please keep it PG or PG-13

  • No Guitar amps allowed, Corsi Guitars will provide an appropriate sized guitar amp if you need to plug into an amplifier, this keeps the noise levels down and keeps the event running smoothly!

  • PA is Provided by Corsi Guitars, we will have 3 Microphones. 3 Instrument/Line Inputs and a live sound engineer to help you get connected and heard for your audience. You just focus on rocking your performance!

  • Artists must check in at least 15mins prior to event start. This creates community, expectation and professionalism.

  • No Karaoke or Playback, sorry, we love Amy Winehouse as much as the next person but that isn’t the show we are hosting. This is about performances and original music so we won’t play karaoke tracks.

  • Music must be accompanied by a live instrument! (guitar, piano, other, no playback or karaoke tracks) This is ensures a live show experience, if you are stuck in the lab, that is totally understandable but sometimes patience will make a large impact. There will be so many musicians at the event you might be able to find your live band so please stop by!


read the rules? ready to hit the stage?

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Artist Name
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This is where you tell us if it is just you and your acoustic guitar, maybe you are wanting to bring a drums setup, your piano or auto harp, you know what to do. ;)
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