Neck Break (repair)

Welcome to my Corsi Blogs where I talk all things d.i.y musician! Today we are in my guitar repair shop and I am talking about what is usually known as a kiss of death for guitars, the always traumatizing neck break! Ouch.

Thank you to Diana Tovar of Arcane Display for letting us work on her Gretsch Streamliner and share some tips with you about taking on such an scary repair job. I don't advocate you trying this at home and I definitely don't suggest you do this for a friend, if you don't have the tools, experience or confidence to take on a repair like this, I suggest you take it to your nearest luthier or guitar repairman!

Enjoy the video and remember this blog covers all things d.i.y musician, so that means sometimes I'll be doing some fun repair jobs like this, and other times we'll be talking music business 101 or songwriting tips and techniques and performance advice!

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