Welcome to the free resources page!

Thanks for checking out our website and being a supporter of our projects as we continue to do our part to support our local music community. Here are three of Angel’s free passion projects that will help you on your journey, whether you are a new artist, a seasoned performing artist, or even just a “tinker-er” who wants to get to know your instrument better.


FREE d.i.y Musician workshop

If you want to better your song and lyric writing, enhance your live shows with engaging stage presence, or just navigate through music business basics, sign up for our free newsletter! Not only will you receive an invite to the next free D.I.Y. Musician workshop, you will also receive perks like music shop discounts to keep you playing, email correspondence to keep you accountable, and exclusive recap videos of previous workshops to keep you informed. Hit the jump and sign up now!


The Song Chaser Podcast

Spend your driving or workout time learning more about your craft from other singer-songwriters and creatives like you! Stay inspired with stories about the process, opinions on the music business and the state of our artist communities, and artist interviews. This is a podcast made just for you, and together we can learn and move forward in pursuit of our next song. Available on Itunes & Spotify!


Corsi blog

This video blog is specifically designed for repair persons and musicians who want to learn more about their instruments. We give you an inside look into the many odd jobs and treasures that enter our instrument repair shop, and we show you some secrets of the trade along the way.