EVERY LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH! Join the Orpheus Jam and meet more music enthusiasts in a fun and casual environment! Sign up below to get on the list. (Due to the volume of sign ups we can’t guarantee everyone gets a chance to be spotlighted, but the more the merrier and you are welcome to jump right in and get playing!)

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What is the Orpheus Jam?

On the last Friday of every month we invite aspiring, hobbyists and pro musicians to bring their guitars and instruments and get together with fellow music enthusiasts! You can jam with friends both new and old in a structured jam session held outside the historic Orpheus building on “A” Street in downtown Harlingen. The jam is ongoing with a few breaks run in a casual and fun manner by your host and drummer Lars Keim. He is a seasoned musician that will help guide your first session or back you up so you can as you jam blues & rock tunes! You can jump right in and Lars will be supporting you the whole way, keeping you in time and on schedule, allowing all your fellow music enthusiasts some time to shine. This is an all ages jam session and you can join any time between 6pm - 8pm with occasional breaks.


  • Must be able to play your instrument

  • No DRUMS allowed (due to time and structure we have one drummer for the night, he is your host and time keeper Lars.) You are allowed to bring small percussion such as djembes, bongos, shakers, etc.

  • Bring your own amps (NO half stacks, we got to keep the volume comfortable for everyone at the event. Let’s stick to the single speaker amp combos. Good rule of thumb: 60watts max for solid state guitar amps, 30watts for tube guitar amps, bass guitar amps 100watt max)

  • Lars is the time keeper, he will do his best to give you an opportunity to shine but don’t be offended because he is the bandleader for the night. This is about fun! So don’t stress but understand that everyone needs some jam time and some people flow better with others. Jams are best when everyone vibes and it may take some time and experimenting to find the right group for you, so keep showing up and jumping in! Lars will be doing his best to find the right combination!



Our monthly Orpheus Jam starts at 6pm and is built on momentum! The minimum length is two hours or until 8pm, however, if it is “working” and feeling right it can go until the end of Harlingen Art Night!


Harlingen Art Night’s Orpheus Jam is held outdoors at the end of “A” Street in downtown Harlingen by the outdoor patio. It is located inside our artisan market where all the action is!