A few words from Angel's wide client list...

I thought Angel was very friendly and patient. The work was great and he didn’t take forever to do it, not mentioned reasonably priced.
— Adrian Forncerrada (guitarist for The Dabs) - Brownsville,TX
There really is only one person in the Rio Grande Valley whose hands I trust on my instruments, and that’s Angel Corsi. Angel has an incredibly tangible sincerity when dealing with any instrument he touches. Angel seems to have a 3-way checklist of sorts: diagnose the issue, fix the issue and any other problems that arise, and genuinely educate you on all that happened in a way that will leave you smiling at his passion for luthier work. Unlike the cliché mechanic shop scenario, Angel doesn’t leave you in the dark or hit you with an intimidating list of parts and procedures that you feel the need to pretend you know while you’re secretly hiding a worried mind as you nod along. His honest work, sincerity, and undeniable high caliber knowledge of the trade make him my first, second, and third choice above the rest.
— Eddie Saenz (touring, recording artist) - Edinburg,TX
 Nut & Saddle installation, repair and custom fabrication available.

Nut & Saddle installation, repair and custom fabrication available.

Whether it was something simple like getting new strings put on my Ibanez, getting my Martin professionally setup, I always felt at ease knowing Angel was treating it like his own guitar and not a rush job. One of the many reasons why I won’t let anyone else touch my guitars.
— Bob Villarreal (songwriter) - Harlingen,TX
 Electronic repair from guitars to amps and speakers.

Electronic repair from guitars to amps and speakers.

Angel is so thoughtful that he not only offered to change my strings for me after my set, but he also took the time to listen to my music and weigh in on different types of strings that might be a better fit for my style! He also answered some questions I had about my pickup and was patient and kind; I had been worried they were “dumb” questions but he couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful!
— Mia Rose Lynne (2017 New Folk Winner) - Nashville,TN
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The only shop to offer...

Free Diagnostic on stringed instruments.

"Botched Job" discount - 10% OFF the jobs that didn't go so well.

Re-stringing by donations

Build your own guitar - we offer one on one instruction on guitar kit assembly, from gluing, assembly, electronics, setup and painting.