Yes, you can always just walk-in every week to the latest Song Chasers meetup, however, the perks of an email sign up means…

- You will receive weekly recap refresher videos (exclusive)

- Email correspondence, in other words, you can send songs, questions and I’ll be there for feedback or tutorials!

- Exclusive music shop items/services on huge sales just for you! (only send an offer 3 times a year.)

These Free Workshop - versions will be held Every Sunday! Learn the tools, concepts, and techniques you need for to grow your craft! This is not a certification program, but it can prepare you with real world knowledge needed to navigate your d.i.y career and a great first primer for certifications in your future. Taught by an experienced independent artist and songwriting coach!

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Every Sunday at Corsi Guitars between 2pm - 4pm I will be hosting a free workshop version on any of the topics listed below. That’s right, instead of waiting for “semesters” to kick in, you can get the info from those classes in a free-form workshop style. If class structure isn’t for you, and you want to learn all things d.i.y musician in a fun, casual and community building setting than join the Song Chasers for free coffee, as well as free and open discussion on the subjects that will help you grow as a singer-songwriter or musician! This is a continued effort to do our part in growing our musician community in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Want to go deeper? The Classes start again June through August. Ask about it next time we see each other!

Lyric Writing Basics - Length: 4 weeks - 90mins each lesson

Price: $125.00

Lyric Writing Advanced - Length: 4 weeks - 90mins each lesson

Price: $125.00

Stage Performance 101 - Length: 3 weeks - 60mins each lesson

Price: $150.00

Music Business 101 - Length: 2 weeks - 60mins each lesson

Price: $75.00

Guitar Maintenance Basics - 2 weeks - 60mins each lesson

Price: $55.00

Live Sound Production Essentials - Length: 3 weeks - 60mins each lesson

Price: $125.00

Solo Stage Performance - 4 weeks - 60mins each lesson.

Price: $100.00

Songwriter Breakthrough Complete  - 22 weeks - 90mins each class (SBI + SBII are 11 weeks each with 2 weeks vacation.)

Price: $550.00 - includes all the above (extended class length)