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Our Song Chasers program is our community's first independent d.i.y musician course that covers everything a rising musician needs as primer for their craft and career. We teach lyric writing basics to advance techniques, story-telling concepts, stage performance, music business 101 such as copyrighting, music licensing and d.i.y essentials like running your own sound and booking your own tour. Pay for individual course curriculum, participate in our free bi-monthly songwriting group & workshops or buy at a  discounted price for the entire program!

When Angel offered a Songwriter’s workshop (for free) I claimed a seat fast. He has a real passion for the craft and a true desire to help others sharpen their skills so they can reach their songwriting goals.
As an instructor, I learned so much from him, that I went on to sign up for his songwriters course. It was money well spent.
— Amie Rankin (songwriter) - Harlingen,TX
Angel Corsi’s Songwriter Breakthrough class at the Prelude was one of the single most valuable investments I have made in my career and in my journey as a musician. The challenges were paced in such a way that I felt motivated to implement the material in my work, and finish the work that I started. I still use the techniques I learned and the skills I developed in this class— both in my personal creative process and in my current academic career.
Angel is a great teacher who does an awesome job of illustrating his points in ways that are fun and memorable. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to level up their songwriting skills.
— Jamison Ordway (singer/songwriter) - Denver,CO
I had been writing songs for many years and had basically hit a creative wall, because of this, I simply stopped writing. When I heard about Angel’s songwriting workshop, I decided to attend, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made, through his workshops and especially the Song Chasers group, I was inspired to write again, and have produced some of my best work thus far.
— Joel Brotzman-Gonzalez (songwriter) - Harlingen,TX
I went in thinking that song writing was some mysterious process that couldn’t be broken down into any teachable concepts. I was proven wrong, I learned valuable concepts in a way that made sense using lecture and practice. Angel laid out the expectations immediately and I understood that the exercises and assignments were to help me heighten as a song writer. I learned about performance tips, song development boxes, words painting, motifs, point of view, development engines and many more concepts. These lessons were not specific to any genre or style so I never felt out of place. I was also surprised in how many friends I made. Overall the classes helped me immensely in increases my song writing ability and my confidence over all.
— Benny Ybarra (songwriter/performing artist) - Edinburg,TX
 Former student Tina Van performing at The Prelude - Harlingen,TX

Former student Tina Van performing at The Prelude - Harlingen,TX

The stage performance class helped me tremendously in that it help me deliver performances that had emotion and purpose. I now feel more comfortable on stage and that is something that I had with for a very long time.
— Tina Van (performing artist) - Edinburg,TX

Song Chasers Meetup

Is a weekly Workshop that is free to attend! Song chasers are encouraged to sing up to the weekly newsletter where they get exclusive content as well as participate in email correspondence to share songs, ideas or have questions answered as they continue their progress!

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